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BERLIN INVASION is planning VISUAL INVASION -academy- a new project related to visual mapping and live visuals.
We want to create a culture of the VisualArt starting from VJing in clubbing, live visual forperfomance, videomappping and other related activities.

The workshops, from basic to advanced training, will be taught by FatCat, famous italian VJ and visual artist and hosted by different locations in Berlin.
Each workshops will end with a performance of participants during a Berlin Invasion event.

VIDEO MAPPING basic workshop

Workshop Fee: 130 euros for 3 days

The course is open to students, artists, designers, technicians, performers and amateurs interested in the development of their artistic potentials , as well as the multidisciplinary aspects of communication.

The 3 days workshops will provide an introduction to the basic Vjing and Videomapping software combining the theory with assisted practical sessions.

At the end of the workshop, on 5th June 2015 on 23:00, all participants will have the possibility to present a collective videomapping performance at St. Georg Ritterstr. 26 10969 Berlin.

The workshop will be led by the italian/vietnamese Video Mapping professional Samuele Huynh HongVJ FatCat and supported by the curator Gabriella Fiore.

DAY #1 
Brief introduction to the Video Mapping technique
Case histories, and Technical Analysis of Projects.
Introduction to video editing knowhow

Overview on live visual and video mapping softwares.
Resolume /modul8/VDMX/Madmapper

How to map a video on a simple geometrical shape 
How to create a mask to map the video on a more complex shape 
Practice session.

Day #2 
Brief of the activities of the previous day 
Mapping workflow
Technical overview of basic requirements: what you have and what you need.
content creation ( relief structure , processing files in photoshop and illustrator, creating masks in after effect)
projector specifications ( Warping-soft edge-lens)

Creation of the Video Mapping installation and elaboration of the contents for it

Day #3
Final Performance: realization.
inspection of the location and setup
Practice session for berlin invasion party

// Date: 3rd 4th 5th of June, 2015

// Time: wednesday till friday 10:00 – 18:00;

// Venue: Where is Jesus Wrangelstraße 57, 10997 Berlin

// Language: English

// Number of participants: 10 maximum

// Workshop Fee: 130 euros

Computer with Mac OS or Windows
Trial demo of the software

For more information and registration, please contact 

bio  vj FATCAT 
Samuele Huynh Hong Son in art FatCat, is a video artist from Reggio Emilia(Italy) with Vietnamese origins, works in the media arts fields since 2004. 
Start with the collective VJs _Underscore as resident vjs in the famous Link club and Maffia he focus into audiovisual performance.
His works explore the research of interactivity between sound and image through new technologies related to interactive design and videomapping.
Thanks to its numerous collaborations with VJs, musicians and producers he took part in many festivals as roBOt, LivePerformaersMeeting, Node and European Photography (I) and ODDSTREAM (NL).
He works as Vj in the most famous Italian clubs like Magnolia (MI), Matrix (BR), Sali & Tabacchi (RE), Tube (MO), PeterPan (RN), Cocoricò (RN), Echoes (RN), Homework (BO), Alpheus (Rome), NRG (Rome).
With other artists and video experts he found of "L`ANTICA PROIETTERIA" a project that promote vjing, videomapping and visual education.

BERLIN INVASION is a project born from the idea of a crew of producers, djs, performer, graphic designer, and filmmaker to encourage and support the tekno music scene and philosophy organizing events in Berlin and all around the world.